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KB Costumes is your online source for belly dance costumes, Bra, Belts and Hip Scarves.

We only sell the finest quality belly dancing costumes of any size for Dancers on a budget.

IF you need a costume quickly contact us first for an upgraded next day delivery, subject to stock availability.

Standard Shipping on all products with upgrade available through our quick and easy checkout. Scroll down & click on images to view categories .

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We are New Delhi based with 15 years experience in the retail trade. We believe in superb customer service and strive to make each purchase experience above pleasant. Our philosophy is simple, every shipment we send out to our customers is well packed and shipped within the stated times.

We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible while giving our customers better service than our competitors. Our orders are hand wrapped and we double check orders to make sure the customer is getting what they paid for.

Again, to all our past, present, and future customers - Thank you for the business you have or will give us.

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